Annual Fund 2016-2017

The St. Celestine School Annual Fund is a yearly contributing fund to help the school offset new and exciting initiatives and has helped us keep our technology up-to-date year after year. We are blessed by the generosity of our parishioners, alumni and school families that help us through annual fund. Donations are welcome anytime. Please use the Annual Fund Form available on the sidebar if you wish to donate.

Thank you very much to the generous contributors of the 2016 – 2017 St. Celestine School Annual Fund.

Gold Level of St. Celestine School

Mr. D’Onofrio
Mr. & Mrs. Lynn
Mr. & Mrs. McGarvey

Silver Level of St. Celestine School

Mr. & Mrs. Johl
Mr. & Mrs. Malo
Mr. & Mrs. Monahan
Galicia Family of Silver Car Wash Equipment and Services
Mr. Thomas C. Hallerus of The Cleaning Company

Principal Circle of St. Celestine School

Ms. Bermudez
Mr. & Mrs. Cunningham – In memory of Taylor M. Cunningham
Ms. Giannelli
Mr. & Mrs. Huber
Mr. & Mrs. Malczewski & Family
Mr. Miller
Mr. & Mrs. Murphy
Mrs. Panozzo – In memory of Gino and Jean Panozzo
Mr. Pedone, Jr.
Mr. Ristau
Mr. & Mrs. Ritter

Supporters of St. Celestine School

Ms. Arnswald
Mr. & Mrs. Behrend
Mr. & Mrs. Brandstatter & Family
Mrs. Briskey – In memory of Robert Briskey
Mr. & Mrs. Briskey
Mr. & Mrs. Bzdula
Mr. & Mrs. Caimens – In honor of Jackson Caimens
Mr. & Mrs. Camacho
Cangelosi Revocable Trust
Mrs. Casey
Mr. Collins
Mr. & Mrs. DeLarco – In memory of Michael S. DeLarco
Mr. Derlacki
Mr. & Mrs. Detty
Mr. & Mrs. Dzuba
Ms. Fides Lagamon Balita
Mr. & Mrs. Kamptner – In honor of Craig Kamptner
Mr. & Mrs. Kimberley
Mr. & Mrs. Kosmoski
Ms. Koss
Mr. Lackowski
Mrs. Lavallee – In memory of Clifford J. Kenney
Ms. Lilly
Mr. Maibusch – In memory of Fred and Therese Maibusch
Mr. & Mrs. McGaughan
Ms. Miller
Mr. & Mrs. Mini
Mr. Mueller – In memory of Joan Marie Mueller
Mrs. Murphy – In honor of all the families who sacrifice to send their children to our school
Mr. O’Brien
Mr. & Mrs. Pontikis
Mr. & Mrs. Ristau
Mr. & Mrs. Rocchi – In memory of Carl and Leona Carlson
Mr. & Mrs. Rog
Ms. Scharf
Mr. & Mrs. Schiavone
Rev. Schoenstene
Mr. & Mrs. Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Sobolewski
Ms. Sullivan – In memory of John Sullivan and Genevieve and Harold Kenning
Dr. Swetland-Pilati Family
Mr. & Mrs. Vaccarella
Ms. Whelan

Friends of St. Celestine School

Mr. & Mrs. Acosta Family
Mr. & Mrs. Arato
Mr. & Mrs. Berlingerio
Mr. & Mrs. Cedeno
Mr. & Mrs. Chappell
Mr. & Mrs. Chereso
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher
Mr. & Mrs. Crimmins
Mr. & Mrs. Crisostomo
Mr. Donnelly – In memory of Marion and Maurice Donnelly
Ms. Doss
Mr. Dudek
Mr. & Mrs. Dworak
Mr. & Mrs. Egan
Ms. Espinosa
Mr. & Mrs. Formanski
Ms. Giaimo-Topel – In memory of Emma Fabbri
Mr. & Mrs. Gomez
Mr. & Mrs. Gonoude
Mr. & Mrs. Govea
Mr. & Mrs. Grochowski
Mr. & Mrs. Gutkowski Family
Ms. Henske – In memory of Dorothy Henske
Mr. & Mrs. Hogan – In memory of Rita and Ed Stare
Miss Humowiecki
Mr. & Mrs. Iammartino
Dr. Ivanylo
Ms. Jarnagin
Mr. & Mrs. Josten
Mr. Kaspar
Ms. Kenning
Mr. Krus
Mr. & Mrs. Lapore/Rosario Family – In memory of Helen LaPore
Mr. & Mrs. Lasek
Mrs. Lee-Piscopo
Mr. & Mrs. Lesch
Mr. & Mrs. Loftus
Ms. Louis
Mr. & Mrs. Lucas
Mr. & Mrs. Macchione and Family – In memory of Edward Platis and Randy Braglia
Mr. & Mrs. Malone
Mr. Mangold
Ms. Marchan
Mr. Marchok – In memory of John and Mary Marchok
Mr. & Mrs. Marino
Mr. & Mrs.May – In memory of London Lotarski
Mr. McDonnell
Mr. & Mrs. Mennella – In memory of Edward, Jean and Susan Dolan
Ms. Milita – In honor of Edward Milita
Mr. & Mrs. Mlynski
Mrs. Morel
Mrs. Mullen – In memory of Tony Mullen and Eileen McMahon
Mr. & Mrs. Munda
Rev. Pelrine – In memory of Fr. Bernard White
Mr. Perez
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond
Mrs. Raymond-Hash
Mr. & Mrs. Robinson
Ms. Rodriguez
Mr. & Mrs. Romero
Mr. Schimpf
Mr. & Mrs. Sciaraffa Family
Mr. & Mrs. Sheahan
Mr. & Mrs. Soriano
Mr. & Mrs. Stanek
Mr. & Mrs. Suchecki
Mr. & Mrs. Tichawa – In memory and honor of the Tichawa Family
Ms. Tobey-Esposito
Mr. & Mrs. Vecchione
Mr. & Mrs. Vega
Mr. Ventura
Mr. & Mrs. Vercillo-Urick
Mr. & Mrs. Welch
Mr. & Mrs. Wilson
Mr. & Mrs. Wynd
Mr. Zielinski
Mrs. Zmudka