...that St. Celestine School is currently the largest Catholic Elementary School in the area and that we are celebrating 75 years of quality Catholic education for thousands of students?
...that our St. Celestine School students experience and learn about the Catholic faith everyday?
...that we are the home of the 2011-12 IESA Girls State Basketball Champions and these girls have been undefeated for over 150 games?
...that we have Promethean interactive boards in every classroom and are equipped with a state of the art computer lab?
...our Church Parishioners and School Alumni are wonderful supporters and encourage our students to excel.
...that our present faculty has given over 300 years of service to St. Celestine School?
...that we have a chess club, art club, drama club, Spanish club, reading club, stamp club and tech club?
...that 36% of our faculty have Master’s degrees?
...that the St. Celestine School Building was built in 1947?
...that our test scores are consistently above the national norm at every grade level in every subject area?
...that ½ of our faculty are also members of the St. Celestine Parish Community?
...that St. Celestine School has had a very active athletic department offering many varied sports since the 1940’s?
…that our students have taken numerous top ten awards in local area academic contests?
…that our Student Council has raised funds for the homeless, victims of the hurricanes, children in need, provided books and school supplies for those in need, food for the poor and has provided the school with needed necessities throughout the years?
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St. Celestine in
4th of July Parade

July 4, 2014

Parents' Club
End of Year Dinner

June 5, 2014

8th Grade

June 3, 2014

Fun Run

May 2014

Band Concert

May 20, 2014

Family Wellness Fair

May 10, 2014

Athletics Thanks
Pat McNulty

May 2014

5th Grade Trip to
Springfield, IL

April 29, 2014
...that St. Celestine School was awarded a 3.7 million dollar noise abatement grant in 2002 and received a new heating and air-conditioning system, new roofs, new ceilings, and new windows?
...that our students in grade K-8 have art, music, gym, Spanish, library, and technology classes every week?
...that over half our faculty has been here 10 years or longer because it is a nice place to work?
...that we have a wonderful faculty, staff, parents, students and a parish community that all support our mission?

There is a long tradition of Catholic school education at St. Celestine Parish.

St. Celestine School is comprised of over 400 students in grades Preschool 3 through Grade 8. The students at St. Celestine School receive a well rounded, challenging educational program that includes art, music, library, physical education, technology, as well as strong programs in religion language arts, math, science, and social studies.

Our students achieve above the national average in test scores in every subject at every level. Our students’ success is partly due to the dedication of the teachers of our school who give above and beyond what is expected.

The school as a whole acts out Gospel values through liturgy, prayer, and service projects.

Our school stands out because of its Catholic identity. Everyone involved with St. Celestine School, the faculty, staff, students, and parents feel that we are a vibrant, faith-filled important part of the total parish of St. Celestine.

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