Principal’s Page

OCTOBER 17, 2018

Dear Parents and Guardians:

I hope you are having a wonderful week. There are so many wonderful events and activities. Some are academic and some are extra-curricular.

Academically, we are very proud that the All-day preschool learned the letter Dd by studying about dinosaurs. They learned about different types, the word extinct and made fossils out of clay. They turned their sensory table into a Paleontologist dig site with sand and dino-skeletons. Thank you to Mrs. Niklewicz and her wonderful aides for making learning so much fun for them!

We are getting very excited about Halloween. We will have our annual costume parade in the morning and class parties in the afternoon. All students are to come to school in costume or in their school uniform. Students must come to school in their costume; they may not change at school.

Each student's costume must be in accordance with Christian modesty and good taste. Students may not come to school in costumes that are in conflict with the school's identity as a Catholic school.

The following are not permitted:

  • Any violent costume.
  • Any attire with offensive logos (alcohol, tobacco, skulls, etc.)
  • Revealing clothing (e.g. crop tops, halters, off the shoulder, strapless, backless, spaghetti straps, see-thru, etc.)
  • Any shirt which does not provide adequate coverage of the cleavage and midriff.
  • No shorts or skirts more than three inches above the top of the knee.
  • Absolutely no costumes or props that are weapons or could be construed as such.

The final determination on the suitability of a costume will rest with the principal. Please let me know if you have any questions about a costume. I can be reached at or at the school number 708-453-8234.

Have a wonderful week.

With Gratitude and Blessings,

Sheila M. Klich - Principal - St. Celestine School