Renew My Church Survey

The Church in the Archdiocese of Chicago has begun a historic process of renewal and revitalization called Renew My Church. Cardinal Cupich and our regional vicar Bishop Manz have asked our parish and school along with St. Cyprian and St. William to be among the first groupings to begin the discernment and planning process that is part of Renew My Church. Four other groupings from around the archdiocese will also begin the process at the same time as we do.

What is Renew My Church? – Renew My Church calls us to take up the mission of Christ in a fresh way – to respond to the signs of our times so that across the entire archdiocese we are a vibrant and life-giving Church, built of communities filled with vitality that inspire discipleship now and for generations to come. Cardinal Cupich has grounded Renew My Church in the experience and inspiration of St. Francis of Assisi. In his time, St. Francis heard Christ’s call to him to “Rebuild My Church.” Francis came to understand that Christ was not calling him to just rebuild a physical structure but to renew and revitalize the faith of the people of the Church and the world. His namesake, Pope Francis, now urges us to do the same in our own time, making the Church a leaven that can transform the world.

We are asking everyone to fill out a survey ‘Disciple Maker Index’ to help guide us to help more Catholics to grow in relationship with Jesus Christ and become more highly engaged in the parish.

You can access the survey at

Please take a moment to fill out the survey by the end of August. It will help in the discernment process that begins this fall.

Thank you for help,
Mrs. Jeanine Rocchi