School Board

The purpose of the St. Celestine School Board shall be to provide policy direction for all aspects of the formal education program of the Parish School as well as school sponsored activities, to promote the implementation of policies, and to insure that all local policies are in accord with the intent and spirit of the policies established for the school system by the Diocesan Board of Education. It shall also provide counsel and advice in the operation of the school.

Please check the School Board Meeting Calendar, Forms and Newsletters on the right sidebar of this page.

School Board Meetings

Our School Board meets monthly between September and May, usually the third Wednesday of every month. Meetings will begin at 7 pm unless announced otherwise. The School Board is comprised of committees such as Public Relations and Finance. Additionally, the Board also has representation in Athletics, Legislative Action and Parents’ Club.

Additional Information

The time commitment includes one Board meeting a month, additional monthly meetings as required depending on the committee you represent and service to the school and parish for various events such as Catholic Schools Week and possible community events.

Anyone interested in joining the St. Celestine School Board must be at least 18 years old and a parishioner for at least 1 year to be eligible for School Board membership. You must attend two School Board meetings in a row to be installed/voted on at the third meeting. If interested, please contact St. Celestine School Principal Jeanine Rocchi, or any School Board member for an application.

The St. Celestine School Board appreciates your interest and looks forward to your input.