A Taste of Saint Celestine

Saturday, September 9, 2017
5 —10 PM

Come and enjoy a taste from each of these countries!

Philippines: Pansit and eggroll
Greece: Gyros
Ireland: Corned beef sandwich
Italy: Meatballs on a stick, gravy, and bread; cheese or sausage pizza
Mexico: Chimichanga and rice
Poland: Sausage, kraut, and pierogi
Vietnam: Egg roll and rice
America: Hot Dogs and chips

Homemade sweets, ice cream, pop, beer, wine, and coffee.

Inflatables, games, and craft corner for kids, music and dancing, Bingo, Split the Deck.
Split the Buck: the more participants, the more $$$ won!
Cel-a-raffle with prizes totaling $1000!

Food tickets available in advance at the Pastoral Center!