Athletic Volunteers


It takes a community to make things happen and we could use your help with this. There are many ways that you can get involved and make this great school even better with your input. We are always looking for parents to join the Athletic Committee. There are many opportunities for you to bring your skills to the team and help us make this program even greater. Opportunities range from small tasks and responsibilities to heading up a sub-committee and more. There is a place for everyone. Let us know if you are interested and we are happy to discuss details with you.

For participating in the athletic program, we are asking for 3 hours of volunteer time from each family. There is a 6 hour max per school year for a single family whether you have multiple student athletes participating and/or playing multiple sports throughout the year.

Approved Athletic Volunteer Opportunities

  • Book Fair (Parent’s Club)*
  • The Parish Taste
  • Instructional Sports (coaches and helpers)*
  • Parents’ Club Dinner/Fundraiser
  • Athletic Bags Tournament
  • Parent’s Club Fun Fair*
  • Athletic Trivia Night
  • St. Celestine Parish Lenten Pasta Dinners
  • Coaching*

Contacts For Volunteer Opportunities

There are many many ways to help, so please ask about additional opportunities.

Feel free to check in with the school website or attend monthly meeting to find out about any new opportunities to volunteer. Parent’s Club meets the first Tuesday of every month and Athletics meets the second Monday of every month.

Opportunities range from helping set-up and breakdown events to selling raffle tickets/split the pot, or working beverage stations.

* Please note that any volunteer opportunities where you will have contact with the children (coaching, instructional sports, etc) necessitate that you complete all the requirements including background check & Virtus Training.