The entire St. Celestine School and St. Mother Theodore Guerin Parish community wish our 8th-graders well deserved congratulations and God’s blessings on their graduation.

They have shown remarkable strength and courage in the face of incredible challenges.

The St. Celestine 8th Grade Class of 2020

Isabella A. - Will attend Trinity High School - Isabella, you were a wonderful actress in our Drama Club plays. You had great expression and personality in all the characters you portrayed. - Mrs. Murray

Corey B. - Will attend St. Patrick High School - Corey, you come from a family of great artists! I am glad to see that you kept the “Balita Artistic Streak” alive. Well done and keep it up! - Miss Vessini

Nina C. - Will attend Fenwick High School - Nina, you excel at most anything that crosses your path. I will always remember our scientific banters with the “why” wars. I would ask, “Why?” and you would explain (with the most prestigious vocabulary) with a return “But, why?” You could have any scientist left pondering over their own theorems. Watch out Einstein! - Mrs. Lovera

Jack C. - Will attend Fenwick High School - Jack, What a great guy. Helping me every single day, volunteering to carry all my stuff out to the car, cleaning my car off. I can never thank you enough for all the help you’ve given me this year and always with a smile. Wouldn’t let me carry a thing. Loved it. Thanks Jack! - Mrs. Pharis

Olivia C. - Will attend Taft High School - Olivia, you always had a big smile in class, even if what we were doing wasn’t your favorite thing to do. - Mrs. Bass

Gianna D. - Will attend Immaculate Conception High School - Gianna, you are an outstanding student in Spanish and a wonderful role model for your classmates. - Mrs. McLean

Blake D. - Will attend Taft High School - Blake, I am reminded of your hard work on your Neptune report and video. You also enjoyed the behind the scenes job as cameraman for our planet videos. - Miss Crimmins

Isabel E. - Will attend Resurrection High School - Isabel, you have always been a kind-hearted young scholar that attended class with a smile. I have appreciated your thorough working, and upbeat attitude. - Mrs. Lovera

Elias G. - Will attend Elmwood Park High School - Elias, you have always been a good student and a hard worker, even in preschool! You are a very nice young man. - Mrs. Pharis

Luke G. - Will attend St. Patrick High School - Luke, you always helped me, like this year when you helped me take presents to my car at Christmas and I made you take a selfie with me to send to your parents. - Ms. Niemczyk

Rylee G. - Will attend Fenwick High School - Rylee, you are so down-to-earth, having conversations with you were always so insightful because you speak your mind, no matter who you are speaking with - which is an admirable quality. Once you take a stance on something, you always see it through; accepting the outcome no matter what it is. - Mrs. Lovera

Joseph H. - Will attend Notre Dame High School - Joe, you have always worked so hard, putting your best foot forward and persevering no matter what. Obstacles and challenges have nothing on you! I will never forget you stepping out of the car traveling all the way to Westchester to deliver a teacher appreciation gift! I appreciate you. - Mrs. Lovera

Ryann J. - Will attend Immaculate Conception High School - Ryann, you are the epitome of a middle school young lady. You are a fantastic volleyball player, trying your best and being the best cheerleader and advocate for your peers! - Mrs. Lovera

Klaudia K. - Will attend Elmwood Park High School - Klaudia, I love the “original” piece of art work that you created in third grade- to this day, it hangs in the art room. I can't forget the “JUST KLAUDIA” saying in after care. Miss Marsha and I must have drove you crazy with it! - Miss Vessini

Joseph K. - Will attend Fenwick High School - Joey, you have always liked saying “hi” to every person in the hallway. It didn’t matter if it was a teacher, an older student, a younger student, or the guy that fixes our ceiling, Joey you always had something nice to say to everyone. - Ms. Niemczyk

Nathan M. - Will attend Elmwood Park High School - Nathan, when you are “on” - “you are on!” You can explain the most detailed scientific studies with such eagerness, your expressive nature always caught me by surprise. I tried to make science class interesting, because you made me aware if it was not! Thanks, Nathan, for making this teacher better at lesson planning! - Mrs. Lovera

John M. - Will attend Elmwood Park High School - John, you faithfully helped out at the school front door for afternoon dismissals. Thank you. I will also remember when you kindly cleaned off my car as I left school on a snowy day. - Miss Crimmins

Jake M. - Will attend York High School - Jake, you always put effort into all you did; your actions show that you are kind and a good friend to your classmates. - Miss Vessini

Paul M. - Will attend Elmwood Park High School - Paul, I love your digital drawings- the snake was totally AMAZING! You need to consider the field of graphic arts for a college major! - Miss Vessini

John M. - Will attend Elmwood Park High School - John, you did a wonderful job in Drama Club. You did a great job of bringing your character to life! - Ms. McNulty

Natalia M. - Natalia, I remember in 6th grade, you were very popular with our pre-schoolers as our reading friends. They loved when you would walk them to the water fountain. You always had patience with them. - Ms. Niemczyk

Edward M. - Will attend Fenwick High School - Eddie, I was never quite sure what you were going to say or do whether it be in class or in the hall because you are so well versed! I have always appreciated your posed “questions” in science; and actually, not only hearing, but, listening for the answer. - Mrs. Lovera

John N. - Will attend Immaculate Conception High School - John, I remember the awesome art work that you created for the Elmwood Park fire safety contest, you nailed it! - Miss Vessini

Dominic P. - Will attend Fenwick High School - Dominic, you worked hard in Drama Club to create great sets! Thank you. - Mrs. Murray

Victoria P. - Will attend Immaculate Conception High School - Victoria, you have the most infectious laugh ever! You cheer up every room you enter with it and ot makes everyone so happy!- Ms. Hamilton

Krystian P. - Will attend Elmwood Park High School - Krystian, your statements and reactions are priceless! You consistently reported to class with interesting objects whether it be a random mineral or plant, asking: “what is this?” Or, my favorite question was, “what would happen if I...?” where the response from myself was usually, “Yeah, Krystian, let’s not find out, please!” You are very inquisitive. Never stop questioning. - Mr. Lovera

Michael R. - Will attend Elmwood Park High School - Michael, I remember how you made me laugh when you and John rehearsed the scene for the school play where you tried to jump into a pair of overalls! You were always interested in being the best at your part that you could be and was great at it. - Mrs. Murray

Omarr R. - Will attend Fenwick High School - Omarr, I will always cherish the basketball “arguments” we had during 6th grade and appreciate the respect you had for my squad. - Ms. Niemczyk

Ethan S. - Will attend Riverside-Brookfield High School - Ethan, you were always a staple in aftercare, thank you! You were helpful whenever you were asked to do something. - Ms. Niemczyk

Marinel S. - Will attend Fenwick High School - Marinel, you have always gone “the extra mile” in each and every thing that you complete; research papers, projects, even mundane assignments. Thank you for always putting in the 120%, it never went unnoticed. - Mrs. Lovera

Elena S. - Will attend Immaculate Conception High School - Elena, you always amazed me how you were able to pull (flying dragons and other mythical creatures), from your highly creative mind --- with the greatest of ease! - Miss Vessini

Veronika S. - Will attend Elmwood Park High School - Veronika, you are the most stylish young lady that I have ever met! Every dress, every pair of shoes for any out of uniform day was fabulous! Perhaps the next CoCo Chanel! - Mrs. Lovera

Margaret T. - Will attend Trinity High School - Maggie, I remember you sitting on the floor working so hard on your Venus report for International Space Town. You were so supportive as you helped your classmates get ready for their planet videos. You had a huge interest in learning about Chicago too. - Miss Crimmins

Nicholas U. - Will attend Fenwick High School - Nicholas, you were always such a calm presence. You showed courtesy and consideration for both teachers and classmates every day. - Miss Crimmins

Isabella W. - Will attend Trinity High School - Isabella, I always found you sporting a smile and very kind in nature, way to go Bella! - Miss Vessini