It’s a Sunsational-Celtic Summer Camp!

Seems like we just said our goodbyes, but there’s no need to end it so soon! We are inviting you to come back and join us, for one, two, three or four whole weeks of friends, fun and fellowship!

Camps will run from June 8 to July 2, 2020. Children entering grades 1 through 6 are welcome to attend. Camp runs daily from 8 am to 2 pm. This camp is open to the community – no need to be a St. Celestine student!

Our days will be filled with activities for the theme of the day, and hands-on activities, followed by lunch, open gym, and a wrap up activity.

It’s full STEAM ahead, so pack a lunch, your creativity and a mind that is set for plenty of activity; as together, we set our sights for some sizzlin’ Summer Time Adventures!

WEEK 1 – ”Art, in the KNOW & on the GO!” – Around the World in 5 days – Discover art forms from 5 different continents. Create your own piece of art from each of 5 countries. Ms. Vessini will be your guide for this wonderful camp!

WEEK 2 – “Get with the PROGRAM!” – Driverless cars, robotic vacuums, smart homes, robotic soldiers, cooks, surgeons??? We are still smarter than they are!!! Interact with mini-bots, spheros, Lego Mindstorms, Lego We-Do’s and learn basic programming/coding skills. Join Ms. Lovera for this wonderful camp!

WEEK 3 – “O.M.G., do we have chemistry!” – Dive into the world of Chemistry and Physics with these daily challenges. How do crystals form? How do acids/bases apply to the human body? What causes explosions? How does a roller coaster work? What keeps a train on the track? Ms. Lovera is your guide for this wonderful exploration!

WEEK 4 – “Lights, Cameras, Action!” – Be the Producer and Director of your very own film. Starting with a script/storyboard, students will go through the process of casting, filming, editing, and finalizing their own movie! Mrs. Lovera is in charge of this star-studded extravaganza…