TREERING GREEN YEARBOOK – Congratulations to St. Celestine School on being a TreeRing Green Yearbook School! – Since we’ve sold 169 yearbooks, TreeRing will be working with our partner, Trees for the Future, to plant that many trees in St. Celestine School’s name. And, because of that, you’re also eligible to use this badge on your website:

Starting in November, eighth grade students help to design the yearbook using a computer graphics program. Students choose a classroom page to complete and are responsible for designing the page and creating a title for the page. After the classroom pages are completed, students also create pages for the various clubs and activities that take place during the school year.

All students in kindergarten through third grade are given the opportunity to draw a back cover for the yearbook and students in fourth through eighth grades create covers using the computer.

The whole school then votes to choose a front and back cover for the yearbook. The whole school, especially the eighth graders who worked on the yearbook, is excited to see the finished published yearbook in May.