St. Celestine Athletics

It is the mission of the St. Celestine Athletic Program to provide our students with instructional and competitive sports options as an extension of the St. Celestine Academic Program. Participants will learn the fundamentals of each sport and develop strong, healthy and disciplined minds and bodies. Participants also will develop a sense of good sportsmanship, fair play and team spirit.

Please see the Athletic Monthly Schedule, Information and Forms on the right sidebar of this page.

General Email –

Welcome Letter from the Committee

Dear Celtic Family,

On behalf of the members of the Athletic Committee, we would like to welcome everyone back to school and back for another exciting year filled with Celtic pride, good sportsmanship, athletic development and teamwork. We are excited to join the City Suburban Catholic Conference this year. Visit their website at for information about our new competition, athletic program details, and much more.

Please consider being a part of our exciting athletic program in some capacity – be it as a student athlete, a coach, a volunteer, or a fan. Whatever level of involvement you choose does not matter. Just plan to participate someway in our vibrant athletic program and show your CELTIC PRIDE!

Parent volunteers are an essential part of providing the student-athletes a positive athletic experience. If interested in volunteering or learning more about the variety of duties of the Athletic Committee, please contact us at

2017-2018 Athletic Season Reference Guide

Please watch your brown envelope for registration paperwork and deadlines throughout the school year! Dates subject to change – Competitive sport fees do not include uniforms!

Instructional Sports

  • Co-ed Basketball (Grades 1-3): October 14 – November 18
    Fee: $30 (t-shirt included)
  • Co-ed Floor Hockey (Grades 1-4): February 3 – March 10
    Fee: $30 (t-shirt included)

Competitive Sports (Grades 4-8)

  • Co-ed Soccer: August 23 – October 12
    Fee: $50 + uniform
  • X Country: 3 meets – September 8, 15, 22 (29 rain date)
    Fee: $30 + uniform
  • Boys & Girls Basketball: October 18 – December 9
    Fee: $100 + uniform
  • Boys & Girls Volleyball: January 15 – March 17
    Fee: $75 + uniform
  • Track & Field: 3 meets – April 15, 22, 29 (5/6 rain date)
    Fee: $30 + uniform

For further information about competitive sports and the City Suburban Catholic Conference please see the right sidebar of this page.

Academic Policy

The Principal supplies the Athletic Committee President and Athletic Director with the names of students who will not be allowed to participate in sport programs for each two-week period. The teachers have considerable input as to whether a child may participate in the sports programs depending on “missing assignments”, “late work” or other areas of academic achievement. A child will remain suspended until his / her grades improve adequately. Parents may remove their children from any Athletic Program, team or squad at any time. However, once the program has begun, there will be no refunds issued.

Athletic Committee and Executive Positions

Athletic General
Todd NettelhorstAthletic Director
Paul MeagherPresident
Patrick Bronoski – Vice-President
Nicole DiMaggioTreasurer
Sean MonahanSecretary

The purpose of the St. Celestine Athletic Committee is to oversee and coordinate all school affiliated sports activities for St. Celestine School children in order to facilitate organization, supervision and financing. The groups coming under this supervision shall include all existing teams for boys and girls.

The responsibility to organize and manage the Athletic Program belongs to the Athletic Committee under the supervision of the Principal. The Athletic Committee is a standing committee of the School Board, comprised of executive positions appointed by the Principal. The Athletic Committee works in collaboration with an Athletic Director who is an employee of the school. The committee meets at various times throughout the school year. Check the listing of open meetings and Athletic Committee requests for parent attendance at meetings for special event planning.

Specific Duties of the Committee

  1. Determining the necessity of supervision, supplying all equipment, facilities and supervisory personnel.
  2. Recommending for approval the formation and entry of any athletic team or squad into any league or tournament and supplying entry fees. No group shall participate in any kind of competition without the approval of the principal.
  3. Determining the necessity and supplying of all letters and awards for these groups.
  4. To sponsor and supervise all athletic-related extracurricular activities for all teams.
  5. Arranging any tournaments or sporting activities.
  6. Investigating any discipline problem of an individual or group of individuals participating in athletic programs, with the option of recommending to the Principal the suspension from participation in athletic activities and/or using athletic facilities.

Athletic Director

The Athletic Director is responsible for organizing and overseeing the Athletic Programs. It is the responsibility of the Athletic Director to schedule gym time based upon the following guidelines as established by the Athletic Committee:

  1. Competitive Sporting Event
  2. Sport in Season
  3. Sport Out of Season
  4. Adult Programs

It is also the responsibility of the Athletic Director to maintain all Athletic Program paperwork. The Athletic Director is the primary contact to address any Athletic Program concerns, working in conjunction with the Athletic Committee.


Coaches are volunteers selected and monitored by the Athletic Director. Coaches must complete a background check, attend a Virtus “Protecting God’s Children” Workshop, read and sign the Archdiocesan Code of Conduct, and fill out a form for a DCFS screening before allowed to coach.

Complaint Procedure

Parents should communicate directly to the appropriate coach if problems or concerns arise. If either party is unsatisfied with the outcome of the initial discussion, a formal letter or email should be sent to the chair of the Athletic Committee. The Principal will handle sensitive matters.


All fees must be paid at the time of registration or the student-athlete may not be able to participate in practices or games.

Improper Language

Improper language will not be tolerated at any level. The procedure for dealing with improper language is as follows:

  1. The first offense will result in a warning.
  2. The second offense during the same game / activity will result in sitting out of the rest of the game / activity.
  3. Any repeated usage of improper language may result in suspensions or removal from a team or activity.

This applies to student / athletes, parents, fans and coaches. It is the coaches’ responsibility to follow these guidelines.

Medical Information and Forms

All student-athletes in competitive programs need to submit a Medical Release form signed by their doctor in order to participate. Students in 6th grade do not need to submit another release form. In addition, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to notify coaches of any medical condition(s), or medication(s) required for their child, and must notify the coaches of any medication(s) in the player’s possession.


St. Celestine School is concerned with the development of the WHOLE person: The religious moral, social and academic dimensions, as well as the physical development. We believe that participation in athletics is an important part of student development. Through participation in the St. Celestine Athletic Programs, students may develop lifelong skills and positive values. These values include leadership, healthful living habits, self-discipline, integrity, teamwork, respect for rules and regulations and the ability to participate with dignity and grace.

Playing Time

Instructional programs are designed to develop the student athletes’ skills and abilities, as well as teaching the fundamentals of the game. Competitive teams typically begin in 4th grade.

The 4th, 5th and 6th grade teams are still instructional and skill-development in nature. Each student-athlete will be given equal playing time throughout the course of the season with the exception of the last quarter in which the team will play to win.

In 7th and 8th grade, playing time is based on skills, attendance at games and practices, attitude and willingness to work as a team player. This is competitive play and playing time is not guaranteed at this level.

Service Time Requirement

The service hours described below are the minimum necessary to run an athletic program for the student athletes of St. Celestine School. Additional volunteer hours provided by parents may be necessary to enhance the overall athletic experience for the children.

Parents of student athletes are expected to volunteer three (3) hours of service time per sport with a maximum of six (6) hours throughout the course of the athletic/school year.

Special Events

Fundraising and other Athletic-sponsored special events will take place throughout the school year. Parents volunteers are needed to assist in planning and conducting these events. Planning meetings will be announced through the school’s weekly Brown Envelope.

Special Events:

  • Bags Tournament – January 14, 2018 at 12 Noon
  • Trivia Night – April 14, 2018 from 6 to 11 pm

More information will be posted closer to the event dates.


All student-athletes are to wear the set uniform. Each student-athlete must be fully dressed for each game. If the student athlete is not in uniform, he or she may not be able to participate in the game that day.