Games and Learning Clubs

PLEASE NOTE – Club meetings are subject to change. There are times during the school year in which clubs will be suspended temporarily due to changing COVID protocols.

Academic Club

Seventh and Eighth Graders participate in academic contests throughout the school year. Our students compete against other Seventh and Eighth Grade students from surrounding schools in all subject areas. These competitions take place at Catholic High Schools such as DePaul College Prep, St. Ignatius, Trinity, Guerin Prep, St. Patrick, Fenwick, Resurrection, and Notre Dame. Students compete for scholarships, trophies, medals, and recognition.

It is an honor and a privilege for students to be invited to a competition. We are proud of our students who have represented our school in the past and hope to continue this tradition.

Card Sharks

Card Sharks is a club for Third Graders to socialize and learn various card games. Both old and new games will be taught, including UNO, Old Maid, Crazy Eights and more.

Chinese Checkers

Students in Fourth through Eighth Grades enjoy learning and playing the game of Chinese Checkers in this fun and friendly club. Students learn and apply strategies to try and be the first player to move their pieces into their neighbor’s “castle.”

Craft Club

Craft Club is a club where Second Graders complete a fun art activity each time we meet! This will be a fun way to socialize with your friends and get creative!

Gardening and Nature Club

Students will have opportunities to learn how gardens and plants help our environment. We will take virtual field trips to the Botanical Gardens and National Wildlife Federation. Students will need to fundraise, as well as, design and plant a school starter garden using native plants. This is an opportunity to become leaders in the field.

Kickball / Softball

Every year, our Fifth through Eighth Grade students compete in intramural kickball or softball in the Spring. Games are played after school in the parking lot.

Math Club

In Math club, we focus on strengthening math skills, as well as building knowledge of current content being taught in class.

Reading Club Grades 3-4

This club is dedicated to the love of reading for Third and Fourth Graders. At least three books a year are given to the students to read, reflect and discuss with each other. Activities that correlate to the novels are fun ways to enjoy the books further.

Reading Club Grades 5-8

Our Fifth through Eighth Grade reading club invites students to engage in reading interesting novels. Students learn to share their knowledge and insights with each other.