Brown Envelope

Brown envelope is the weekly school reminder of all important things you need to remember.

This year we are going to an electronic brown envelope for most items. All registered school families will receive an email from our email account notifying you of the online brown envelope. Make sure to trust or have this account as NON-SPAM so our messages don’t go to your SPAM / TRASH / JUNK folder.

On a weekly basis you will receive a regular brown envelope for a progress report to notify you of any missing work (grades 3-8), before/after care bills, a teacher’s note for the primary grades, or anything that might be specific to your child’s grade, such as a field trip permission form. Please look over the contents of the envelope sign it and sign the progress report if applicable. Your child will return to school with the signed brown envelope the next day. If they return it on time for the month they will earn an out of uniform day reward day. Please remember to also open up the online brown envelope since the items there will be very important.

Click on the right sidebar of this page to see all Brown Envelopes 2023-2024 sent via email.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation in trying to effectively communicate with our families.