Technology Clubs

PLEASE NOTE – Club meetings are subject to change. There are times during the school year in which clubs will be suspended temporarily due to changing COVID protocols.


In 2020 we began the first Computer Science Curriculum to our students. I am pleased that we are able to bring this popular programming course back to our school this year. Coding develops skills in critical thinking, logic, creativity, problem solving, analytical thinking, attention to detail, perseverance, collaboration, sequencing, and breaking down large tasks into smaller parts. Students will gain knowledge in the areas of Javascript programming language while building comradery with a team.

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Welcome back to Year 2 of our Robotics club. Students will learn programming skills while building and programming various robots. This was offered for the first time to the Celestine community in 2019-2020 and was very popular with the students. Students will develop skills in logic, critical thinking, problem solving, sequencing and working together in teams.

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World of Drones

We will learn from a licensed drone pilot about safety, equipment, building, piloting and how drones are being used every day to solve world problems. Students will build and fly their own drone models. This is the first time this club is being offered to the St. Celestine community.