Programming Classes and Robotics 2019-2020

Coding EV3 Lego and Wonder Robotics – January 2020Videos

Examples of students programming robots using block coding. This project will evolve into Teams working together to move their robots along the track without colliding at intersection points while starting and ending at the same time.

Programming a Sphero Robot – December 2019Video

Fourth Grade programmed a perfect square using a Sphero Robot wishing you all a Merry Christmas!

Computer Science Programming Classes – November 2019Pictures

Earlier this month, St. Celestine Junior High Students began computer science programming classes at Guerin Prep High School, River Grove. Upon completion of the program, these students will be able to receive high school credit for the class if they attend Guerin in the future.

Our St. Celestine Robotics Club are learning more and more! Over 80 students come together regularly to build, design, and program Lego Robots. Every week, we work with six members of the St. Patrick High School Robotics Team. In these pictures, students are working with St. Pat’s on building their first robot. When finished, they will move on to programming using block coding. We are currently offering this club to students in grades 2-8. Grades 2-3 are working with Lego We-Do sets and grades 4-8 are working with Lego Mindstorms.

Students are developing 21st-century skills in collaboration, critical thinking, communication, and creativity!