Technology Programming and Robotics Programs

Our after-school technology opportunities allow our students to develop 21st-century skills in an interactive, collaborative space in which students are comfortable solving problems, designing in a team atmosphere and even making mistakes and embracing failure, which is an important aspect of learning. Students visit the lab before school, during lunch, and after school to work on STEAM activities.

“When children approach a challenge, receive support, and work toward success, the energy is amazing!”Sheila M. Klich, Principal

YEAR 2021-2022

Pictures of Block Coding – March 2022

Videos of Floor Orchestra – August 2021

YEAR 2019-2020

Picture of Robotics Motivate Award – February 8, 2020

Video of Kindergarten Robotics Activity – January 2020

Pictures of Coding and Music with – December 4, 2019

Pictures of Computer Science Programming Curriculum – November 2019

Videos and Pictures of Robotics – November 2019

Stop Motion Film Making

Future projects for the technology lab include short films using stop motion technology. The following clip was created by taking 1,624 still photos while moving small beads into position. These pictures were taken using the IMotion app from Apple.