Fine Art and Communication Clubs

PLEASE NOTE – Club meetings are subject to change. There are times during the school year in which clubs will be suspended temporarily due to changing COVID protocols.

Art in the Community

Watch art come alive as our Eighth Grade art club brings “in house talent”, outdoors! ART MATTERS! BE ON THE LOOK OUT!

Authors and Artists

This club is open to 20 First Graders who love reading and doing projects. We will explore favorite authors and books through art, math and creative expression.

School Band

The St. Celestine School Band exists to provide students with an expressive and creative outlet of their musical talents through the study of wind and percussion instruments. Students in Fourth through Eighth Grades are eligible to participate with new members being recruited each fall from Fourth through Sixth Grades.

Lessons are given during the school day with full rehearsals taking place before or after school. The St. Celestine Band presents Christmas and Spring concerts each year.

Tuition rates and scheduling information may be obtained from the Band Director, Mr. Larry Dybis by Email at or Cell # 773-398-3099.

Children’s Choir

The children’s choir is open to any child in Second through Eighth Grades. The children sing on the first Sunday of each month at the 11 am Liturgy during the School Year. Students rehearse in the Music Room on Wednesdays after school from 3:05 to 3:45 pm. All grade-school age children are encouraged to participate in this fun, upbeat, and spiritual musical experience.


Drama club is an afterschool club that invites students to take part in storytelling through the dramatic arts. Older students will work on projects like scene study, monologues and improvisational workshops. Younger students will work together in the fall trimester to rehearse and perform our annual nativity play. A spring showcase featuring our students’ talents will also be offered so families can see their scholars shine onstage!

Graphic Art / Public Relations

Welcome to the world of Graphic Art!!! Students will work on Public Relations projects to advertise all that is going on in our school!

Piano Lessons

St. Celestine School offers private piano lessons to students in Second through Eighth Grades. Lessons are given during the school day throughout the school year and can also be continued during the summer months.

Every year, students have an opportunity to perform in a Christmas program as well as a spring recital.

For tuition rates and scheduling information, please contact our piano teacher, Anne Migliorisi by Email at or School Office # 708-453-8234.


We live in a digital world, storing so many of our memories on our phones, iPads, and computers. In Scrapbooking Club, the students have an opportunity to create their very own memory books that they will be able to keep forever. Students are provided with a variety of materials to create an actual physical record of some of their favorite life events!

SCS77 News

Last year, we began our first ever Celestine News to bring our community together. Students write their own scripts and produce a bi-weekly newscast using Chroma key Technology. Reporting will include prayer, pledge, birthdays, local news, Celestine news, and interviews.

Spanish Club

Fourth through Eighth Graders can get a taste of the culture of various Hispanic countries or learn about a famous Hispanic by joining Spanish Club.