School Project 2020 – 4th Grade – Native Americans

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January 2020

The 4th Grade Students (Room 103 – Mrs. Szeszol) learned about Native Americans in North America and about their connection with and respect of nature. They learned how Native Americans used art as a way to communicate. The students also went on a field trip to the Field Museum where they toured a Pawnee Earth Lodge, learned about the importance of bison to the N.A. of the plains, and about other important elements of N.A. across the country – such as Totem Poles of the northwest coast, pictographs of the southwest, etc. The students created tepees from tortilla shells (Plains N.A.), canoes (Far North N.A., etc.), longhouses (Woodland N.A.), totem poles (Northwest coast N.A.) and pictographs – painted rocks (Southwest N.A.). The Students also went on a virtual field trip to Alaska to visit Sitka National Park Totem Pole Trail.