Celtechs Chromebook Repairs 2017

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November 2017 – Pictures

Celtechs is back in session  –  The group is excited about taking on the responsibilities of being Celtechs.  They will take pictures at school events, create movies, and more.

One of our first activities was a visit by Ahren Sievers of the Elmwood Park Library.  Ahren assisted in setting up Tinkercad accounts for the students so they could begin to design objects for 3D printing.  He was able to bring the 3D printer to school so Celtechs could see it in action.  Some of the Celtechs were able to print out their designs.

Celtechs learned how to replace broken Chromebook screens, and worked in small groups to see if they could be successful.  Some were; some were not – need more time to tinker and problem solve.  Next time!  They did a great job, and they were all excited to work on this hands-on project.

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