Christmas Around The World – Year 2022-2023

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December 22, 2022

On Christmas morning, boys and girls around the world will waken early and run excitedly downstairs to see what Santa Claus has left for them… Well, that’s not exactly how it goes – for around the world children celebrate the Christmas holidays in many different ways. This year the 7th and 8th Graders decided to transform their classrooms into 4 different countries to show the school children how Christmas is celebrated in other countries. The countries showcased were Poland, Mexico, Ukraine, and Puerto Rico. With the help of some gracious parents, student research and planning, and teacher provided materials, every class in the school took part in this magical journey. Activities included creating ethnic ornaments, watching a short play, listening to cultural music, a candy treat, and even some dancing! A good time was had by all!!

Merry Christmas from the Junior High Students and Teachers!