Third and Fifth Grades – Cicada Study – Year 2023-2024

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May 20 and 22, 2024
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The cicadas have arrived at St. Celestine! – Third and Fifth Graders observed Cicadas in real time molting their outer shell (exoskeleton). They studied and observed various stages of the life cycle of a Cicada, including a nymph Cicada and many flying adult Cicadas.

While our inquiry was based in science, it was beautiful to see how gentle the students were with these living creatures. Students organically reminded one another that the cicada is one of God’s creatures and should be handled carefully and gently. Students were invited to collect exoskeletons and will be using the exoskeletons during the remainder of this week and next to gather and record data.

While the school year is winding down, third grade investigative scientists are still learning full throttle!!!