Preschool Camping Day and Hoedown – Year 2018-2019

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Year 2018-2019Pictures and Videos

Preschool introduced letter Cc with a themed Camping Day! The kids read books in tents, went fishing for letters from a boat, made s’mores by the fire, counted pretzel sticks to build a fire and sang special campfire songs. We rested in sleeping bags and played with flashlights in the dark. We made a lightening but jar to help us remember this special school day.

Preschool introduced letter Hh with a Hoedown! The students dressed in their best cowboy attire and worked all day trying to avoid the sheriff by finding their own “wanted” posters all over the school. We learned some country line dances, panned for gold, had stick-horse races, did a special craft and matched capital and lowercase letters on cowboy boots. Yee Haw! It was a great day!

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