Student Work 2019-2020 – 5th Grade – Wassily Kandinsky Painting

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During a joint collaboration between Mrs. Gallagher and Miss Vessini, the 5th grade technology class, learned about the impact of technology and how it has changed how we think, work, learn, communicate, create, and connect with each other. Miss Vessini then introduced a bit of history about the Russian Painter, Wassily Kandinsky. Serving as our source of inspiration, we merged the two areas of study, resulting in a wonderful piece of graphic design art. After a power point presentation highlighting some of the artists major points of interests, Mrs. Gallagher guided the group using the program Wixie to recreate one of Kandinsky’s most famous paintings, (Concentric Circles 1913).

By way of technology, and its many innovative advances, students were able to see first-hand just how far we have come since the early days of prehistoric cave art. From hand-carved Bisons etched in stone to mega bites and tweets, technology has given a whole new meaning to “A picture is worth a thousand words”.