Annual Fund 2017-2018

The St. Celestine School Annual Fund  is a yearly contributing fund to help the school offset new and exciting initiatives and has helped us keep our technology up-to-date year after year. We are blessed by the generosity of our parishioners, alumni and school families that help us through annual fund. Donations are welcome anytime. Please use the Annual Fund Form available on the sidebar if you wish to donate.

Thank you very much to the generous contributors of the 2017 – 2018 St. Celestine School Annual Fund.

St. Celestine Gold Level

Mr. Joseph D’Onofrio
Mr. and Mrs. Louie and Jamie McGarvey

St. Celestine Silver Level

Mr. Terence R. Collins
Mr. and Mrs. Monahan
Silver Car Wash Equipment Services, Inc. / The Galicia Family

St. Celestine Principal’s Circle

Mr. and Mrs. Jane and Daniel Carter
Mr. and Mrs. Mike and Jackie DeLarco – In Memory of Michael V. DeLarco
Ms. Christina Giannelli
Mr. and Mrs. Charles and Arlene Huber
Mr. and Mrs. Chester Malczewski and Family – In Memory of Mark Ptack
Mrs. Maria Malo – In Honor of James Malo, Eagle Scout 2017
Mr. Michael Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick and Rita Murphy
Mrs. Jamie Panozzo – In Memory of Gino and Jean Panozzo
Pedone Properties
Mr. and Mrs. Dean and Julie Snyder
Ms. Maureen Whelan – In Honor of Kelly Nipp

St. Celestine Supporter

Mr. and Mrs. Emerson and Maria Balita
The Bodharuk Family
Mr. Glenn A. and Doreen Brandstatter
Ms. Nancy Briskey – In Memory of Robert Briskey
Mr. Jim Burress
Mr. and Mrs. Witold Bzdula
Mr. Frank P. Cangelosi
Mrs. Mary Ann Casey
Mr. Gergory Derlacki – In Memory of Jean Chlypniacz
Mr. and Mrs. Mark and Carol Galioto
Ms. Lisa Giaimo-Topel – In Memory of Emma Fabbri and Deacon Jack Nolan
Mr. and Mrs. Louis and Joan Governale – In Memory of Gerald Deichstetter
Gutkowski Family
Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Kimberly Hogan – In Memory of Rita and Ed Stare
Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Deborah Jankiewicz
Ms. Aleksandra Jecmen
Mr. and Mrs. Otto L. and Jan Kamptner – In Honor of Craig Kamptner
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel and Susan Kenney
Mr. Donald H. Lackowski
Mr. and Mrs. John and Maureen Lavallee – In Memory of Clifford and Mary Kenney
Mr. Jacek Leja
The Luneback Family
Mr. and Mrs. Vince and Barbara Mini
Mr. and Mrs. Joel and Nicole Nayder
Mr. Raymond A O’Brien
Mr. abd Mrs. Robert and Ewa Purta
Mr. and Mrs. George and Cynthia Ristau
Mr. Richard Ristau
Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Carol Ritter
Mr. and Mrs. Mike and Jeanine Rocchi – In Memory of Leona and Carl Carlson
Mr. and Mrs. Casimir and Barbara Rog
Mrs. and Mr. Roselle and Daniel Schacht
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony and Margaret Schiavone
Rev. Robert Schoenstene
Ms. Dolores G. Sharf – In Honor of Mrs. Rocchi for all her hard work and dedication to St. Celestine School
Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Mary Smith
Ms. Mary Sullivan – In Memory of John Sullivan
Ms. Eileen Tichawa – In Memory of George, Lorraine and Dennis Tichawa
Mr. and Mrs. Jose Vega

St. Celestine Friend

Mr. and Mrs. Giuseppe Arato
Ms. Karla Arnswald
Mr. and Mrs. Chris and Kim Asta
Mr. Rocco Berlingo
Mrs. and Mr. Theresa and Mike Biegel
Mrs. Vincenza Birmingham – In Memory of Clausi / Messi family
Ms. Mary Bitterman
Mr. and Mrs. Briskey
Mrs. Mary A. Bruno – In Memory of Albert Bruno
Mr. MichaelCaliendo
Ms. Milady Calixto
Mr. Belen Camacho
Mr. and Mrs. Angel and Wendy Cedeno
Ms. Sandra Cervera
Mr. and Mrs. William and Samantha Chain
Mr. and Mrs. Adolph and Christine Ciringione
Ms. Maribel Covarrubias – In honor of the Colon Family
Mr. and Mrs. Gerard and Mary Crimmins
Mr. and Mrs. Darryl and Tina Cunningham – In Memory of Jack Escher
Ms. Natalie DeRose
Mr. Dennis M. Donnelly – In Memory of Patricia Donnelly Shaw
Ms. Mary Doss
Ms. Elizabeth Doyle
Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Heidy Egan
Mrs. Marie Esposito
Mr. Dan Galuska
Mr. and Mrs. Gomez
Mr. and Mrs. Ambrose and Eileen Gonoude
Greenwood Dental – In Memory of Patricia Eileen Potempa
Rev. Jeffrey Grob
Ms. Marcela Hernandez
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer and Kathleen Hessenthaler
Ms. Valerie Humowiecki
Dr. Mariana Ivanylo
Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Margaret Josten
Ms. Rita Kenning
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony and Luann Kolodzinski
Ms. Arwen Krus
Ms. Nancy Lapore/Rosario Family
Mr. and Mrs. Pawel and Dorota Lasek
Mr. and Mrs. Lis
Mr. and Mrs. Alan and Amy Lucas
Mrs. Lynn Loftus
Ms. Mary Loughnane – In Memory and Honor of Patrick Loughnane
Mr. and Mrs. Frank and Mary Kay Macchione – In Honor of Jeanine Rocchi
Mr. and Mrs. Marino
Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Mary May – In Memory of London Lotarski
Ms. Bianca Milita
Mr. Frank Minardi
Ms. Ana Mondragon
Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Melissa Mueller
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph and Sally Munda
The Murray Family
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Palmer
Mr. Christopher and Claudia Perez
Mr. and Mrs. Pilecka
Ms. Candice Prosio-Bruno
Mr. Arcelie D. Quirona
Ms. Guadalupe Ramirez
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas and Mary Ann Raymond
Ms. Paulina Rzeszowska
Mr. Gabriel Santana
The Santarelli Family – In Memory of Madeline Santarelli
Mr. and Mrs. Gerard and Christine Sciaraffa
Mr. and Mrs. John and Karen Sheehan
Mrs. Mary Maibusch-Siwek
Mr. and Mrs. David and Gertrude Slowik
Mr. and Mrs. Brian and Dawn Stanek
Mrs. Elizabeth Culp-Sweeney
Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Uta Tichawa – In Memory of the Tichawa Family
Mr. and Mrs. Ujda
Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Michele Vaccarella
Mr. and Mrs. Erik and Annmarie Vecchione
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony and Carol Ventura
Mr. and Mrs. Ray and Eugenie Vercillo-Urick
Mr. and Mrs. Pat and Abigail Walsh
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery and Juliet Weiner
Mr. and Mr. Welch
Mr. and Mrs. Darius and Katarzyna Wiselka
Mr. and Mrs. Nichol and Crotan Zakarija
Mr. William Zielinki