School Tutorials – Grade 3 – Room 100 – Ms. Gicala

Welcome to Ms. Gicala’s third grade tutorials.

These tutorials are part of the 3rd grade flipped classroom instructional strategy. Direct instruction is delivered through these tutorials for homework. Review, practice, application, and mastery of skills takes place in the classroom in a learner centered environment.

These tutorials are available all year to review skills and reinforce difficult concepts. In the case of an absence, students are able to access the instruction through these links.
Thank you.

Math Chapter 1 – Lessons PL1-1 to PL1-14

Math Chapter 2 – Lessons PL2-1 to PL2-16

Math Chapter 3 – Lessons PL3-1 to PL3-13

Math Chapter 4 – Lessons PL4-1 to PL4-12

Math Chapter 5 – Lessons PL5-1 to PL5-11

Math Chapter 6 – Lessons PL6-1 to PL6-15

Math Chapter 7 – Lessons PL7-1 to PL7-14

Math Chapter 8 – Lessons PL8-1 to PL8-19

Math Chapter 9 – Lessons PL9-1 to PL9-14

Math Chapter 10 – Multiply by One Digit – Lessons PL10-1 to PL10-11

Math Chapter 11 – Divide by One Digit – Lessons PL11-1 to PL11-8

Math Chapter 12 – Lessons PL12-1 to PL12-12